Spirit Airlines: Good News For BAd News

Spirit Airlines has had a mixed reception over the years, with reviews coming back as…less desirable for a popular airline company. But for an airline who’s bad news feels synonymous to its brand, it still manages to stay in the top 10 US airlines companies. To combat the negative front facing perception I decided to lean in and find the silver lining in bad press: headlines with more clicks than your standard airline.  Get into the spirit of one of the most budget savvy flight companies; you may not always make it on time but you’re guaranteed an entertaining flight.


Spirit has rolled out flight and travel deals for a lot of arbitrary reasons. Instead of cheap flight offers because it’s a Taco Tuesday, how about some offers when a crazy story breaks the Internet? Buzzfeed just dropped their latest listicle on Spirit blunders? Bonus points for new travelers. Service animals on board going wild? Yes, there will be a round flight deal with drink vouchers for the lucky few that share that MSNBC article. Bad press is an opportunity for future customers willing to take a chance if a tempting deal were to come by.


Engaging with disgruntled customers is hard, and seeing their opinions on blast can be tough to swallow. It’s also a great place to start addressing the least glamorous parts of Spirit’s front facing image and create some levity. Honesty may not win everyone but it can make this airline more human.