IVY PARK : Fashion Branding

Graphic Design • Art Direction • Editorial Design

IVY PARK’s athleisure wear is designed with the striving woman in mind.
With this Fall/Winter 2018 line, the focus is on the expansion of clothing designs
to be inclusive of athletes of all shapes and sizes.


The original logo for IVY PARK uses Akzidenz-Grotesque for its body copy and logo mark throughout its branding. To feel on tone with the simplicity of Beyonce’s athleisure line, I decided to revisit the form and font to represent an expansion of size and shapes to be seen throughout the looks to be designed. Expanding the letter forms spoke to the ambition of the new line, and the uniformity of each shape created an identity for the letter forms to be the same in function but unique in shape: all the more to speak to the philosophy of how body sizes and shape are similar in capability in function on and off the field, which is the aim of IVY PARK’s branding and function as a clothing line.

Ivy Park Logo Display (1).png

Bold contrasting colors paired down with neutral black, white, and grey tones complimented with iridescent accents were the direction for the overall look for the fall/winter collection. The color choices were a pull from upcoming trends reminiscent of the women power suit hey days of the 80’s and a nuanced feel with flashy accents. Soft fabrics for comfort and taught cotton for performance helped keep these threads in the same vein of athleisure wear and remain consistent with what the Ivy Park brand provides.


Patterns for the designs used permutations of the letterforms of the logo mark, colors inspired by fall/winter 2018 fashion week collections, and the number four; a signature in Beyonce Knowles’ branding and a representation of four looks for four times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening and night).

IVY PARK LookBook V2.png

Scroll through for the complete look book designed for the Fall Winter 2018 collection of IVY PARK: Everyday Looks For Everyday Women